Final Langley newsletter - May 2011

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Since 2004 the Housing Market Renewal team has helped to transform Langley from an isolated estate with low demand housing into a thriving and attractive area. A lot of investment has already taken place, improving the choice of housing on offer and lifting the appearance of the neighbourhood. Over the past seven years, HMR has invested more than £12 million.

In the early years of the programme, 685 properties benefited from improvements to boundary walls, as well as new parking places to ease congestion on the estate. Lovell are continuing to build new homes on Langley, complemented by Riverside Pennine's programme to bring properties up to the Decent Homes Standard.

Building new homes

With HMR support, 2008 saw new apartments created at Millbeck Gardens, accommodating residents from three tower blocks on the estate, which were demolished early in 2010. 

Riverside Pennine have completed their Rydal Gardens development of 24 two-bedroom apartments at Wood Street. Housing Market Renewal funded the environmentally-friendly heating system in the development, as well as enhancing the landscape around the new homes.

And we have started to clear a number of sites to prepare for new homes in the future, guided by what local people told us they wanted to see. These views led to changes to the plans, with fewer properties now earmarked for demolition. Amongst the cleared sites is that of the former Langley primary school, flats on Rothay Drive, and the area where the 'Three Sisters' tower blocks used to stand.

Sounding out residents

Proposals for how Langley could be transformed were put before local people at the end of 2007 and as a result the neighbourhood team developed a revised plan for the estate, influenced by the views of residents. 

Throughout the period of change the team sought to keep people fully informed of progress and worked closely with those whose homes and businesses are directly affected by the proposals.

For more information about the revised plans for Langley please contact Steve, Angela, Katie or Michelle at their new address (from August 2010) Council Offices, Sadler Street, Middleton, M24 5UJ   Tel: 01706 923128.