East Central Rochdale

Final ECR newsletter - March 2011

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Big changes are taking place in East Central Rochdale - an area that contains the six neighbourhoods of Wardleworth, Town Head, Hamer, Mayfield, Cloverhall and Bellshill. We are aiming to make East Central Rochdale a thriving, safe and desirable place to live, by offering people a wider choice of property types, improving community safety and the environment and making the most of the area's natural advantages, such as the River Roch and the closeness of Rochdale town centre and the emerging Kingsway Business Park.

Early progress

As one of the first neighbourhoods that we were involved in, East Central Rochdale has seen a lot of progress resulting from HMR investment. Attractive new homes have been built, first at Halifax Road where dilapidated terraces were replaced with ten striking new houses. 

At Nelson Place in Wardleworth, 25 family homes are complete, an eye-catching addition to the area. Residents who have moved in are pleased with what they've found. Wardleworth-born Mohammed Ullah who now lives at Nelson Place said, "I wanted to stay in the area, so we wouldn't need to change things like schools and doctors. There is plenty of room and the house warms up really quickly."

More new homes are planned at several sites across the area. Building is underway at AtholStreet, Regenda Homes expects to see progress this year at Kitchen Street. Further development could follow at locations we have prepared for future building - Dale Mill in Hamer, Dean Street, Nile Street and Gowers Street.

Giving the area a new look

Hundreds of the neighbourhood's Victorian terraces have enjoyed refurbishment too, with new walls and railings, years of grime removed from brickwork, and new gutters and fascias. Much of the work has been carried out on main routes into the area presenting an attractive impression for residents and visitors alike.

Real Rochdale

The views of local residents about their neighbourhood and what they think about plans for the future have been brought together on a new website, Real Rochdale. Dozens of filmed interviews give you a flavour of the areas, together with lots of information about new homes and increasing opportunities. Housing Market Renewal supported the creation of the site, which involved local students to produce the video interviews.