Love Sholver

In 2008 Sholver residents took part in a project called ‘What makes Sholver tick?' Local people learnt how to use video equipment and interviewed other residents about their hobbies and interests, showcasing the vibranr cultural life in the area. This work culminated in a 'Festival of Pastimes' event.

In 2009 the project was relaunched as Love Sholver, as part of the three-year pARTicipate programme. A group of young people worked with film company ReelMCR to create their own documentary about the area, complete with a red carpet premiere. To generate interest in the film, residents were invited to a mobile cinema with a difference in the form of a free limo service around the estate.

Alongside the film project, a group of environmental artists, Fourth Wall Creations, were commissioned to turn Sholver into a living art gallery in the run up to a community festival. The artists initiated a series of guerilla art events, including love bombings and guerilla gardening, all branded as ‘Love Sholver’. These environmental interventions not only publicised the festival but also invited residents to take a fresh look at their environment.

Read what the Arts Council says about Love Sholver

The aim of Love Sholver was to engage residents in new and creative ways and to challenge negative perceptions about the area. Over 100 people got involved in the project, and reached an audience of over 600. There was extensive media coverage, and you can even join the Love Sholver Facebook page.

For more information about Love Sholver or any of the other projects in the pARTicipate programme please contact Shonagh Ingram on 0161 770 8577 or email