Primrose Bank

Latest news from Primrose Bank 

In March 2007, the Government approved Oldham Council's bid for funds to redevelop affordable housing for rent across five sites, of which the Primrose Bank estate is one

Primrose Bank stands close to Ashton Road, the main route between Oldham and Ashton. Housing Market Renewal is working with Oldham Council as part of regenerating the Ashton Road gateway, an important priority for the Council.

Together with all of the HMR neighbourhoods, Primrose Bank was the subject of a heritage survey in 2007 to look closely at the historic importance and value of its buildings. The survey has provided valuable information to ensure we make the best use of historic buildings in the neighbourhood.

Making progress

Since 2007, over 240 households have moved away from Primrose Bank with intensive support from Council officers and First Choice Homes Oldham. The re-housing programme is now almost completed.

Over 100 deck access flats and maisonettes have been demolished, and almost 150 now await demolition. The second phase of demolition is expected to start in October 2010.

In the autumn of 2009 Oldham Council declared the 'Inspiral' consortium its preferred bidder, and Council anticipates signing a contract with ‘Inspiral’ later this year. The 25-year contract will cover initial construction and refurbishment, day-to-day repairs and maintenance, housing and estate management, and facilities management.

Demolished properties will be replaced by new family housing and a small number of apartments, with a mix of affordable homes for rent and for sale. Council-owned houses not proposed for demolition will be refurbished. Environmental improvements will create high quality public open space making Primrose Bank a clean, green and safe place to live. A new purpose built community centre will also be constructed.

Housing Market Renewal will help to ensure land is available for new homes to be built and that the new homes are of a high standard.

Residents have their say
The 'Gateways to Oldham' team and the bidders have hosted a succession of public consultation events and outside visits over the course of the last three years. Residents, councillors and community organisations got involved in selecting the preferred consortium to regenerate the estate, particularly through the Primrose Bank Stakeholder Group.

For further information, please contact the ‘Gateways to Oldham' team on 0161 770 1141 or by email at