Latest Alt newsletter - April 2010

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The end of the Housing Market Renewal project means that future progress in the regeneration of Alt is unclear. This page provides a brief summary of what has been achieved so far.

The transformation taking place in Alt has been led by the Alt and Sholver Partnership, which brings together tenants and residents groups, Housing Market Renewal, Oldham Council and First Choice Homes Oldham.  The Partnership aimed to provide a better mix of new affordable private and rented homes.

The story so far
Our first task was to find out what action local people wanted to see taken around the estate. Most residents confirmed that they wanted to continue living in Alt. Despite concerns over rehousing and finance, many people were open to proposals to improve Alt for the future. 

Alongside all of the HMR neighbourhoods, Alt was the subject of a heritage survey in 2007 to look closely at the historic importance and value of its buildings.

Making changes
Twenty-six bungalows, 24 flats and one house have been demolished. Empty properties were encouraging anti-social behaviour, so residents were keen to move. Together with existing open land to the north of Cherry Avenue, these sites provide real potential for building new homes in Alt in the future.

Christopher and Karen Taylor from Alt moved to a new home in Chadderton to be close to Christopher's mum, Lynn Briggs. Lynn herself moved from Cherry Avenue not long before. Christopher said, "We're delighted with our new home. My mum moved to a bungalow in Chadderton together with two of her neighbours from Alt, who were all able to stay close together in their new homes."

Improving the environment
Residents noted that an attractive environment was important, so some small-scale works will be carried out this year, encouraging residents to play their part. Proposals will be developed through the Alt Residents Steering Group and people who live close to sites will be consulted in advance.

More than bricks and mortar
Alongside transforming the physical environment in Alt, we focused efforts on supporting the community life of the areas where we intervened. One project, Philosophy 4 Communities, brought people together to examine and solve problems, support dialogue between generations, and celebrate thinking and conversation.