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Kindness rewarded for Langley resident

13 December 2010 

Building work to improve pedestrian access for Langley in Middleton has been helped along by a constant supply of hot cups of tea, and biscuits, from Lee Street resident Margaret Spooner.

During the upheaval Miss Spooner has brewed more than a hundred cuppas, looking after the workmen from Jackson, Jackson & Sons who have carried out the work as part of the Housing Market Renewal transformation on the estate.
And just around the corner, where the ginnel between Bonscale Crescent and Langley Lane has been widened, neighbour Celia Kay looked after the contractors throughout the work.
So as a thank you, staff from the HMR neighbourhood team and Jackson & Jackson visited Miss Spooner and Mrs Kay to present them with a box of tea and biscuits.
Neighbourhood Programme Manager, Angela Forster said, "We are really grateful to the residents of Lee Street, Bonscale Crescent and Langley Lane for their patience and co-operation while the works have been taking place. The residents have gone out of their way to look after the contractors, and it's lovely to see everyone working together to make this project a success."
Miss Spooner said, “The lads have been very kind and helpful and it’s been a pleasure looking after them. It’s been fascinating watching the work and I can’t wait to see Lee Street finished.”

The improvements at Lee Street and Bonscale Crescent will allow easier access for pedestrians and cyclists. At the ginnel between Bonscale Crescent and Langley Lane, the old walls have been replaced with attractive brick-built ones featuring colourful tiles. The ginnel is wider, creating a safer, more welcoming environment.

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