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Werneth family comes back together at Suthers Court

13 September 2010

Giovanna Jaszcznski had lived on Lynn Street in Werneth, Oldham since 1965. Originally from Italy, she came to Oldham to work in the 1950s.Giovanna, Zena and granddaughter

She has recently moved into a new four-bedroom town house at Suthers Court, Keepmoat Homes' development of 57 new homes delivered for the Oldham Rochdale Housing Market Renewal Pathfinder. She will be living with her daughter Zena and her husband, and her granddaughter Sarah.

Zena said, "It feels like we’ve come full circle. Harry Street was where my mum first lived, and where she met her husband."

The family had looked at a number of houses across the area but it wasn’t until they saw the Suthers Court house that they were able to say ‘Yes this is the one.’

Zena added, "From the outside it looked too small, though it is three storeys, but when we looked inside my jaw dropped. There was plenty of space, and we were saying ‘the telly can go there, the sofa can go there’. We all loved the property." Their next-door neighbour at Suthers Court is also a former Lynn St resident.

Giovanna remembers the community that lived on Lynn Street. "I had neighbours from all over – Irish, Scottish, Bengali, Romanian. It was a mixed community. Everyone helped each other, whenever there were feast days everyone would share food with their neighbours.

"We would get to know everyone, but we weren’t living in each others houses."

Just a handful of residents are still in the houses on Lynn St. For Giovanna and her family, the move couldn't come soon enough. "We’ve waited a long time, and we’ve been lucky to find just the home we want. We were really happy to move into our new home."

With the sale of the house on Lynn Street, the family have moved to Suthers Court using a product call Homebuy. This allows them to part buy and part rent their new home. They are starting with a 75% share. In the future they would be able to increase the share in the property that they own, and then eventually to buy it outright.

Oldham Council has purchased the property on Lynn Street. The site is expected to be cleared ahead of building more high quality new homes for the neighbourhood.


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