Neighbourhood engagement

Our neighbourhood teams organise a variety of engagement activities to make sure residents are kept-up-to-date and provided with opportunities to influence HMR activities in their area.

All neighbourhoods receive regular communications about the HMR programme, with many neighbourhood teams sending out newsletters with information about what's planned for the area, consultation and community activities coming up and new developments getting underway. 

The neighbourhood teams organise consultation events at local venues to give residents the opportunity to discuss the plans for their area. Residents are involved at the very outset when the masterplan is being developed, right through to house style and design.

Community development
We work hard to support the needs of the local community, and particularly those groups who may find it difficult to get involved.  A wide range of activities are organised ranging from community fun days to neighbourhood welcome programmes, and skills based learning to creative projects.

To contact your neighbourhood team or to find out more about what’s going on in each of the HMR neighbourhoods, take a look at the Your area pages.