As the Housing Market Renewal programme comes to a premature end, we celebrate some of the achievements in building new homes and improving local environments in neighbourhoods across the Pathfinder.

SUTHERS COURT.pdf    Suthers Court, also known as Olivers Court is an attractive 57-home development in Werneth, Oldham.

STONELEIGH.pdf   The first new development in Derker, Oldham saw 73 new homes built by McInerney Homes for sale and social rent.

SELWYN CLOSE.pdf   Great Places Housing Association built eighteen environmentally-friendly homes to an attractive design.

WELLCOME INN.pdf  Riverside Pennine has completed Rydal Gardens on the site of the former Welcome Inn.

TOWNHEAD.pdf   A new public square alongside St Mary & St James Ukrainian church in Rochdale.

NORFOLK DEVON.pdf  Six apartments, sixteen houses and accommodation for young people was created by Great Places Housing Group.

MILLBECK GARDENS.pdf   Millbeck Gardens provides 48 apartments and two bungalows, rehousing residents from the demolished 'Three Sisters' tower blocks.

 BOWLEE PARK.pdf    The Bowlee corridor created an attractive link between Middleton's Langley estate and the Bowlee playing fields.

LANGLEY GINNELS.pdf   We have widened, redesigned and enhanced two entrances onto Langley.