What we’re here to do

The overall aim of Housing Market Renewal in Oldham and Rochdale has been to transform neighbourhoods to improve people’s lives.

To do this we have worked with our public and private partners, including Oldham and Rochdale Council, housing associations, developers, the Homes & Communities Agency, the police and the voluntary sector to:

  • give people the chance to live in a good quality home in a friendly, attractive and safe neighbourhood;
  • create a better mix of housing, suited to modern needs;
  • transform neighbourhoods that contain poor quality homes and poor environments into thriving, desirable places to live;
  • set new standards in design, by building homes that are attractive and will stand the test of time;
  • respect our heritage – by renovating some of our traditional terraced homes, and breathing new life into disused industrial sites;
  • play a part in the wider regeneration of Oldham and Rochdale – by encouraging current residents to stay, attracting new people and businesses to the area, and supporting the development of our town centres.