Recent research


Cohesion Counts is a project to build and evaluate community cohesion through a variety of projects. Upon completion the results of evaluation were shared at a conference at the Bridgewater Hall, Manchester and published on the web at

The final evaluation report outlines the results of each of the projects we undertook.

Community Induction - supporting people to move to non-traditional areas in Oldham and Rochdale

This report looks at the results of Community Induction Programmes in Rochdale and later in Oldham, which assisted ethnic minority residents to move to new neighbourhoods and provided support to enable them to become part of their new community.


The Pathfinder commissioned a series of reports in 2009, which sought the views of residents in HMR neighbourhoods on the process and implications of new build developments. The wider programme of research sought to understand how well seven schemes across the two boroughs provided good quality, well designed, cohesive communities where people wanted to live.

Oldham and Rochdale New Build Research - Overview Report

An assessment of the importance of design

Impact of consultation activity and shared space




Previous research