Listening and learning

Housing Market Renewal is an evidence based programme, which means all our activity is informed by research we carry out. We conduct an extensive year-round programme of research into the housing market and also draw on other research findings to shape our strategy.

We pull together information on everything from why people choose to leave or stay in our neighbourhoods and what they want from new homes, through to what tenants think of the private rented sector and shared ownership properties.

In addition, this year we are carrying out a programme of research into community cohesion having secured funding from the Tenant Services Authority’s Innovation and Good Practice fund to pilot and develop ways of building and measuring cohesion. A best practice toolkit for the housing and regeneration sector has been developed, available via our Cohesion Counts website.

If you would like to talk to someone about our research, please contact Acting Head of Strategy, Anna Charlton or Research Officer, Alex Bone by calling 0161 770 4154.