Working in partnership
The HMR team is made up of a wide range of public and private sector partners, drawn from several organisations and working at different strategic levels. Our partners include the local authorities, housing associations, developers, the Homes and Communities Agency and local community representatives. 

The HMR Board
The Board has overall responsibility for the Pathfinder's strategy, policy and delivery. It includes representatives from our partner organisations including Oldham and Rochdale Councils, housing associations, the police and the voluntary sector. 

The HMR Core Team
The Board is supported by the HMR Core Team, which includes officers with responsibility for strategy, research, performance management, consultation and communications. The Core Team reports through the HMR Director to the Board.

Programmes Management Committee (PMC)
PMC is a sub-committee of the HMR Board. It is responsible for overseeing the delivery of the Pathfinder's approved annual delivery programme. It is chaired by Board member Diane Goodwin and its remit, as approved by the HMR Board, includes:

  • directing the implementation of approved plans and programmes; 
  • overseeing complementary activities with local authorities and other partners; 
  • monitoring and evaluating programme performance; 
  • scrutiny of joint procurement activity; 
  • regularly reporting to the HMR Board.

Local neighbourhood teams
At neighbourhood level, locally based staff and other agencies are responsible for implementing the programme.

Monitoring progress and delivery
The Pathfinder's performance is continually assessed in a variety of ways including through the use of a performance management framework, the provision of regular progress reports, independent reviews, including by the Audit Commission, and resident input, not least through the Residents Sounding Panel.