Q. Will local people be able to afford the new homes?

We are providing a mix of affordable and discounted homes, and range of financial assistance, to make sure local residents can access newly built homes.

Support will include:

  • the Home Plus Plan
  • Homebuy
  • Discounted homes: planning powers will be used to negotiate affordable homes on new sites. The properties will be sold at a discount, and residents affected by clearance will have priority.
  • Shared ownership: this scheme allows residents to invest what they can afford into a new home, with a Registered Social Landlord investing the rest of the money needed. There will be some rent to pay on the share the Registered Social Landlord keeps.

Some of the new homes being built are available for rent. Some people choose to move to rented accommodation, even if they previously owned their own home. Applications for social-rented accommodation (Council or housing association) from people affected by clearance proposals will be prioritised. Or, we can put them in touch with accredited private landlords.

Overview of the support available

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