Q. What has been achieved so far?

The project has been underway since 2004, initially in four neighbourhoods; Derker and Werneth/Freehold in Oldham East Central Rochdale (Wardleworth, Hamer, Bellshill, Cloverhall, Mayfield and Townhead) and Langley in Middleton

Since April 2007 activity has expanded to five other areas - Kirkholt and Inner Rochdale (including Milkstone, Deeplish and Newbold) in Rochdale, Hathershaw, Primrose Bank, Alt and Sholver in Oldham.

So far we have:

  • opened new local offices in Derker and Werneth
  • improved more than 1600 existing homes
  • selected development partners, who will carry out the construction projects in some of the neighbourhoods
  • built a choice of new homes at Selwyn Street in Coppice, Stoneleigh in Derker, Norfolk and Devon Streets in Werneth and Halifax Road in Hamer.
  • completed more high quality new housing at Nelson Place in Wardleworth and Suthers Street in Werneth, with plans developed for other sites including Spencer Street in Werneth and Dale Mill in Rochdale
  • purchased 635 homes through negotiation
  • improved parking and community safety in some neighbourhoods
  • consulted widely with local people through a cross community Residents Sounding Panel, as well as neighbourhood forums
  • carried out a range of substantial environmental improvements

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