Urban design guidance

Both Oldham and Rochdale Councils have adopted a suite of design guidance (Urban Design Guide, Residential Design Guide and Public Realm Design Guide) as Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs). As SPDs, the guidance is in the local planning framework and is a material planning consideration that is taken into account when development proposals and planning applications are assessed. The guidance covers all development across both boroughs, not just HMR areas.

Urban Design Guide: this lays out design principles for all types of development and how high quality design can be achieved. It is the “umbrella” document for the collection, setting out ten urban design principles that should underpin the design of all areas. Together the three guides provide details on how these principles should be achieved.

Residential Design Guide: this sets out principles and detailed guidance for residential development. The document illustrates the approach to be taken from analysis of site and context to the evolution of layout and building design details.

Public Realm Design Guide: this sets out the process of designing and constructing streets and spaces to create good quality places.

There is also an accompanying booklet, Design and Planning Process – A Guide to Good Practicethat outlines good practice and the Councils’ expectations, including an explanation on the need for and content of design and access statements. It describes the relationship between the various documents that provide local planning policy guidance on design within the Borough.

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