Our challenges

With our partners, the Oldham Rochdale Housing Market Renewal Pathfinder has worked to ensure that our neighbourhoods offer people great places to live, work and enjoy their free time. 

Oldham's and Rochdale’s heritage and former prosperity were closely linked to the growth of the cotton and manufacturing industries. As a result, much of the boroughs’ housing was built to satisfy the needs of mill-workers. There is still a lot of small terraced housing without gardens and with limited parking, and other poor quality housing, near to dilapidated industrial premises.

This type of housing in such locations, along with much of the social housing available in the boroughs, doesn’t provide the variety and choice of house styles that many people want from their homes today.

Our aim has been to work with communities from which – over many years – people have chosen to move away, to transform them into areas that people want to move to.