Our big opportunity 

The Oldham Rochdale HMR Pathfinder was set up by the Government in 2004 to tackle long-standing problems which have caused neighbourhoods across the boroughs to become less popular places to live. There’s no quick fix.

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Housing Market Renewal project ended in March 2011

The announcement that funding for the Housing Market Renewal programme would be discontinued from the end of March 2011 presents huge challenges for the future of housing markets in Oldham and Rochdale.


Oldham and Rochdale Councils are currently working through the implications of the funding decision, both to the programme as a whole and how it will affect individual neighbourhoods. 


This website will be available until September 2011. If you have any enquiries regarding the Housing Market Renewal Pathfinder in Oldham or Rochdale please contact the appropriate local authority.

Oldham Borough Council - tel 0161 770 3000

Rochdale Borough Council - tel 01706 647474